Troy Aikman helps Dallas 8th Graders with Circuit Scribe

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Troy Aikman and Dallas 8th graders using Circuit Scribe

Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Troy Aikman took some time to help Dallas 8th Graders with Circuit Scribe on Friday. Troy was new to conductive ink, but he caught on quickly and helped guide the students in correctly drawing our circuits using battery power, LEDs, and the blinker module. (Find our circuit worksheets below).

Stephanie and I motored up to Dallas to participate in the daylong “STEM in the Schoolyard” event at Oliver W. Holmes Humanities Academy. We were stationed out in the school courtyard under two tents, and after some early morning clouds, wind, and rain, the weather turned a little milder. After an introductory speech by Aikman, kids began engaging in 25-minute STEM activities at a series of different stations. (We got the word from several students that our station was the most interesting – anecdotal evidence at best, but we’ll choose to take it as fact!)

We ran a Circuit Scribe exercise for five groups of about 25 students. These kids were very focuses and interested – we’ll give bonus points to Oliver W. Holmes.

Aikman was the featured speaker, and after his speech he stopped by the Circuit Scribe tables for a while to give students encouragement and help them troubleshoot their drawn circuits.

Stephanie and I had a fantastic time guiding something like 250 kids through the exercise of drawing circuits, and we witnessed lots of “aha” moments. Special thanks to Texas Instruments and the company’s large STEM volunteer efforts. TI roped us into this event, and we’re so glad we went.

Three Circuit Drawing Exercises with LEDs and Blinkers

We developed three circuit drawing exercises for the STEM in the Schoolyard event, and I thought I’d share them here. See downloads at bottom for PDF versions.

Circuit 1 – Basic LEDs

Diagram of a basic LED circuit

Circuit 2 – Draw a Blinker Circuit

Diagram of a blinker circuit

Circuit 3 – Extend the Blinker Circuit

PDF Circuit Diagram Downloads: