Pen Maintenance

Like any rollerball pen, sometimes the tip clogs up or dries out if you leave the cap off.


Tap, Tap, Tap

Before you try anything else, tap the side of your pen on a table edge! We’ve found that jostling the ink to disturb any particle clumps cures many errant writing problems.

Clogged Tip

This could happen if the large silver particles (the conductive material in the ink) jam inside the pen tip. The best way to break a clog is to tap the side of the pen on a hard surface, like the edge of a table, and try writing again.

Silver Settling

The ink is mainly made of silver and water. Since silver is much more dense (10x!!) than water, it is normal for silver to sink to the bottom of the ink reservoir. Depending on how you store your pen, it can take on a few appearances:

Tip down: particles settle towards the tip and leave a clear fluid above. The pen should work normally for a while but eventually become less conductive. Agitate the pen, or store it tip-up until the silver looks more uniform.

Stored on side: the ink reservoir will look like it’s split into two half cylinders – one silver and one clear. The pen should work normally but if you don’t like the way it looks, you can agitate the pen or store it on the opposite side until the color is uniform.

Dried Tip

This can happen easily if the pen is left off too long. If it’s just a dried ink flake on the outside of the tip, you can scribble with Circuit Scribe until it starts working. If the ink inside the tip cavity is also dry, you can also draw with the pen on a damp paper towel until the ink starts flowing again!

Pen Leaking

A leaking pen is uncommon, but unfortunately it does happen sometimes. In fact, this will happen to any rollerball pen if you hold it upside down and shake it too hard!

Since our ink is so dense, leaking happens a little more easily, so try to be gentle with Circuit Scribe. However, it if does leak you can take action. Wipe the outside of the pen with a damp paper towel and wash your hands with soap and water. You can continue using Circuit Scribe, but watch out for future leaks.

If your pen arrives leaking, please contact us! We will replace it for you.