Meet the New Circuit Scribe Team Members

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Electrical Engineer at work with Circuit Scribe

Welcome our newest, fresh-faced employees to the family!

As we head into 2019 we’re excited to announce that our team is growing here at Circuit Scribe Central! Let’s introduce our new team members.

Our marketing manager assesses our packaging in front of a computer.

Maxine, Marketing Manager

My role as Circuit Scribe’s Marketing Manager is to show the world just how cool conductive ink can be. I bring a blend of digital marketing and education technology experience to the table. Add a dash of do-it-yourself enthusiasm to the mix and you’ve got yourself the newest Circuit Scribe team member.

There’s nothing as satisfying as sitting back and admiring something you’ve made yourself; hands-on learning and creating are rewarding ways of building a portfolio of practical skills. Like the old adage goes: give a kid some pre-made electronics and they’ll learn circuitry for a day – teach a kid how to draw their own circuits and they’ll be creating for a lifetime!

Our Circuit Scribe team Sales Administrator smiles for the camera.

Katherine Cerda, Sales Administration

I attended Texas State University and graduated with a degree in Public Relations. Although I haven’t worked in technology before, I’m excited to be a part of the Circuit Scribe team and learn about teaching kids the wonders of electronics education.

Josh, our electrical engineer, takes a break from working on a project to smile for the camera.

Josh Hyde, Electrical Engineer´╗┐

I’m not really new to Circuit Scribe since I spent the last two summers as an intern here, helping develop our soon-to-be-launched Arduino module and the Drone Builder Kit.

My main role is designing and prototyping new modules for our educational kits.  While at the University of North Texas, I worked on wireless power systems for biomedical implants with a team of grad students, and a low-cost oral cancer screening system with my senior design team.

Chris, our electrical engineer, poses with a microscope and a smile.

Chris Correll, Electrical Engineer

My background is in electrical engineering and education. I have always loved teaching as well as designing and building interactive experiences with electronics. Before my job here at Circuit Scribe I worked as a high school math teacher and built and designed interactive art installations in my free time.

Now I get to explore both of my passions at my job through developing new interactive educational experiences! As a teacher, I appreciate how hands-on learning electronics is with Circuit Scribe. My favorite thing about my job is knowing that the products I work on will inspire future engineers to build and create.