Meet Josh, Hector, and Michael – Our 2018 Engineering Interns

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Circuit Scribe summer engineers in front of whiteboard

When summer pushes the mercury above 100 degrees here in Austin, you’d think we’d be glum. But we’re not! It’s that time of year when we get great interns to help develop new modules and problem-solve so we can ramp up our product line and learn and tinker and evolve.

To that end, we couldn’t be happier about welcoming back Josh Hyde, and about bringing on Hector Rivera and Michael LePere for this 2018 electrical engineering internship.

Circuit Scribe summer engineers in front of whiteboard

Josh Hyde, Michael LePere, and Hector Rivera

Modules Coming Down the Pike

The summer plan for these engineers is to develop four Circuit Scribe modules each, as well as helping us get our drones out the door and a probably working on a number of other projects. What modules are they going to be working on? A button module, logic gates, a seven-segment display, an Arduino module, and more.

They’ll also be helping create some great projects & lesson plan tutorials.

Let’s introduce our interns.

Josh Hyde

Josh worked for Circuit Scribe last summer and he attends the University of North Texas. At UNT Josh is working on some interesting projects that include developing a wireless power supply for biomedical implants.

Circuit Scribe prototype of Arduino module

Josh’s prototype Arduino Circuit Scribe module

Josh says he knows that electronics and circuit building are complex and overwhelming to most people, and he sees Circuit Scribe as a way to remove the barriers to understanding in the field of electronics.

His first task this summer is to take the Circuit Scribe AVR (Arduino) module from a prototype to a finished product. After that he’ll be designing and prototyping modules that will take advantage of the AVR’s capabilities.

Hector Rivera

Hector is a Texan, but he attends Louisiana Tech where he’s majoring in Electrical Engineering. This summer he plans to work on some really interesting modules including a motion sensor, a pressure sensor, and a thermister.

Hector has always loved prototyping and troubleshooting.  He loves watching something start out as an idea written on a whiteboard and finish as an actual product he can hold in his own hands.  He also has an interest in education and the role here of teaching future engineers how circuits work.

Michael LePere

Michael is a recent graduate of Texas State University, where he studied Electrical Engineering specializing in Micro and Nano Devices and Systems. He’s diving back into a Masters’ program in Electrical Engineering starting in August.

For Circuit Scribe, Michael is developing a proximity sensor and working on a couple of our favorite projects that we haven’t announced publicly yet.