Make a Morse Code Game

David HookUsing Circuit Scribe

Morse code game in conductive ink

The old-timey telegraph may seem like a dusty relic, but it was one of the breakthrough developments in the history of electronics. Imagine! You could finally send a message to the next town or the next state without having to saddle up your horse.

In our latest Circuit Scribe conductive ink tutorial, Make a Morse Code Game, Tim makes a game where two players send Morse Code messages back and forth over telegraph and buzzer circuits they made themselves!

This exercise can be made with the Super Kit, the Ultra Kit or any of the Classroom Kits.

This is a great exercise for learning how a basic circuit works, and our tutorial also delves into the history of this invention and the Morse Code that unlocked the power of sending complex messages.

The tutorial also has players creating a “momentary switch” drawn on a flap of paper that illustrates how this kind of switch works.

Here’s the gist of how it works:

Thanks for the beeps, Samuel Morse

We include an advanced version that leads you through making a telegraph run that looks like the real thing.

Conductive ink telegraph wires