Legacy Circuit Scribe Kickstarter Drones

Kickstarter Drone Builder Kit

Please note: This page is information for people who have our original Kickstarter drone. This model is no longer for sale. We have an updated drone (see image at right) that is awesome - learn more about our Drone Builder Kit here.


Kickstarter Drone History

Design Iteration –
How Our Drone Took Shape

Check out the Kickstarter that started it all!

You probably know that we’re busy building DIY drones here at Circuit Scribe. (If you don’t, it’s true! We raised enough from our Kickstarter last summer to be ...read more
This is the Kickstarter campaign that started it all.
For even more Drone related updates and photos, be sure to head over to our campaign page to stay up to date!


If you have any further drone related questions please feel free to reach us at: hello@circuitscribe.com