Getting Started with Circuit Scribe

So you have a Circuit Scribe kit and you’re ready to get started.
Here comes the fun part!

Draw Your First Circuit

The basic components of any Circuit Scribe project are:

  • Conductive ink pen
  • Metal backing sheet
  • Stencil
  • Paper
  • Power module
  • Any other module, like an LED

Here's a quick look at how to draw your first circuit:

  1. Use the stencil to draw dots that the modules' feet will fit onto. (They're magnetic and snap to the steel sheet behind your paper for a good strong connection.)

2. For this simple circuit, draw two pairs of dots.


3. Connect the dots with lines like so. Be sure not to draw sideways in-between the dots.

4. Connect a battery module to one pair of feet and turn it on (blue indicator will light up).

5. Connect the LED module to the other pair of feet. You've drawn your first circuit!

6. If the LED doesn't light up, troubleshoot! Usually the problem is that there's a break in the lines you drew - try drawing over them again making sure there are no breaks.

Useful Links

Want more guidance? Download a PDF of our Inventor's Notebook here - it has tons of info about using our kits and templates for more than 20 circuits you can draw.

Visit our Projects and Tutorials site for lots of project ideas!

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