Build a Paperduino

David HookUsing Circuit Scribe

circuit drawn on paper with LED's

Welcome to the new Circuit Scribe blog!  Come visit us here to access new projects, learn about upcoming events, and read interviews with the people who inspire us most.  To kick things off, we’d like to look back at one of our favorite projects:  building a paper-based Arduino Pro Mini using the Silhouette SD pen plotter.  Check out the narrated video for details! 


…And for an in-depth look at the bill of circuit building materials, instructions and potential pitfalls, check out the full Instructable here:

As always, thank you for supporting Circuit Scribe – whether it was from our Kickstarter Campaign, a local workshop, or simply visiting our website, we truly appreciate your interest in this project!


The Circuit Scribe Team


P.S. Look out for more Silhouette-based projects later this year!