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Circuit Scribe for Educators

We love seeing project based learning take hold as a mainstream approach to teaching all subjects! Circuit Scribe fits right into a PBL plan for classrooms and school makerspaces.

Use Circuit Scribe to Teach:

  • Electronics
  • STEM and STEAM
  • Project based learning in language arts
  • Art projects
Students using Circuit Scribe

Add light and motion to any project!

School and Makerspace Kits

Circuit Scribe can be used by all grade levels with projects that grow more complex as students get older. (College students and businesses even use it for prototyping circuit design!)

All of our kits are suitable for classroom use, but these three are our most popular educational packages. (View all products here.)

Circuit Scribe Developer Kit

Developer Kit

This single kit contains almost 40 modules and other accessories to get budding engineers up and running.

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Circuit Scribe Developer Kit Box

Maker Classroom Kit

This bundle includes 10 Maker Kits and accessories, with five extra pens and workbooks. Teach your classroom more than just basic electronics and circuitry.

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Circuit Scribe Basic Kit Box

Basic Classroom Kit

This kit is suitable for introducing a classroom of 10 to 20 students to basic electronics and circuitry.

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Lesson Plans

The Projects & Lesson Plans section of our website includes lesson plans for a variety of projects for elementary, middle school, high school, and beyond.

See our lesson plans here.

Drawn circuit illustrating Ohm's Law

This circuit investigates Ohm’s law

Classroom & Community Platform

Anyone who uses Circuit Scribe has access to our community platform. Post your own projects or manage a classroom of students creating their own projects. (Privacy and accessibility compliance is built in.)

Join our community.

Image of Projects and Lesson Plans