Intern @ Electroninks – Circuit Scribe Position

Type: Internship

Job Code/Requisition #: JR007

Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Full time salaried

Starting Date and Timing: Starting date on or after May 1st, 2018. We are flexible on length but ask for a minimum commitment of 2 months.

Contact: Please reply to:

Job Description: Electroninks, Inc. has several openings for Electrical Engineer, app developer, application and/or Process Lab Engineer Internships. We are looking for talented interns to assist in the building and testing of our newest products while they go through their prototyping phase. In addition this position may assist in developing new electrical modules, lessons, and finding clever and novel ways to use our products. We’ve put over four years into making the best platform possible and now we want to greatly expand our module library! You’ll have experience developing circuits, a passion for teaching electronics, and a desire to participate in the maker community.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Build and test new circuit boards using PCB mill, soldering, DMM, DC power supplies, and oscilloscopes

• Source and evaluate new electronic components for current and new products

• Develop advanced functions for our pen, such creating circuit boards with a pen plotter

• Create educational content around each module or application you create for users to understand and use the module or recreate the application

• Develop new modules to add to our library

Essential requirements:

• Experience with wet-chemistry methods and practice, wet-bench, solvents, chemical reactions, surface chemistry and materials processing desired but not necessary

• Experience designing circuits and PCB layout through programs such as EAGLE PCB

• Experience with hand soldering and reflow of small electronics

• Experience with LPKF Prototype Technology a plus

In general, we are looking for candidates who want to join and work hard with a dynamic team developing materials for a wide range of electronic device, biomedical device, wearables, and display applications that will make an impact on how we live. This is an exciting and dynamic sector, with partners and customers world-wide. In addition to being efficient and capable in the lab, successful candidates will have a strong work ethic, exhibit flexible work hours with results-oriented timeline, and the right chemistry and persona to fit into the Electroninks Team.

Company Information: Electroninks Incorporated is backed by strategic and venture investors. We have conductive inks in the consumer electronics supply chain, as well as our own consumer products via our Circuit Scribe product line. We are devoted to the next generation of printed electronics and wearables via high performance materials for mass-production printing techniques. We have developed a vast array of materials that bring high performance properties to printed electronics.