As you know, Circuit Scribe lets you learn about electronics by drawing working circuits with a conductive silver ink pen. Draw circuits that connect a battery to lights, buzzers, motors, and more.

With the CS Circuits app, augmented reality shows you how circuits are drawn, where modules go, and how the current flows. Interact by, say, turning a dial on the screen, and see the animation of flowing current change in real-time based on your input.

Using the app is easy – simply point your device at any page in the Circuit Scribe Inventor’s Notebook (downloadable PDF here) that contains a circuit diagram and see it come to life. The CS app shows you information about connecting all kinds of electronic modules – LEDs, buzzers, motors, transistors, potentiometers, blinkers that contain a 555 timer, a light sensor, and switches.

Circuit Scribe Inventor's Notebook
Our augmented reality app works with the Inventor’s Notebook