Our Story

Look ma, no wires!

It started with the sketch of an idea, the concept to turn a conductive ink developed in a university research lab into a consumer ready product to be used by makers, educators, and the eternally curious. Co-founders Brett & Analisa worked tirelessly during PhD research to develop and refine a conductive ink that would flow easily from a ball point pen giving users the power of electricity without cumbersome wires that needed to be soldered. In fall of 2013, when the Circuit Scribe pen was ready, they launched a Kickstarter campaign and hoped for the best. In a little over a month the goal of $85,000 was blasted out of the water and the campaign was funded at $674,425 by 12,277 backers.

From there we knew Circuit Scribe was more than just our dream, it was a product that had lit up the imagination of tens of thousands of our peers. We hit the ground running in 2014, first spinning off from the printed electronics company Electroninks Inc., then refining our product designs, developing affordable & large scale production capabilities, shipping to all of our backers and moving to Austin, TX. Once settled in Texas, we hired Zack to manage all our fulfillment, developed our website and started shipping our products to customers.

Our Mission


The idea for Circuit Scribe was born out of conductive ink research in a PhD lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The inspiration behind putting the ink into a rollerball pen stemmed from the founder’s passion for exploring ways to seamlessly integrate electronics with everyday materials. By allowing users to create circuits the same way they write their name or draw a picture, the barrier of entry into the electronics world is lowered dramatically. Since the goal of Circuit Scribe is to make circuitry accessible to all, we make sure to always provide free educational content for use with our products. At Circuit Scribe our team believes science and art go together like peanut butter and jelly, circuits don’t have to be hard lines, and cats shouldn’t play with wires; we encourage users to take the laws of electricity they learn and turn them into something functional and beautiful.

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