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Meet The Team

We’re more than just shiny ink and whirling modules, check out the people behind the product.

Based in Austin, TX the brains behind Circuit Scribe are always churning with new ideas on how we can help you make paper come to life.

CEO & Co-Founder
S. Brett Walker, PhD

Brett has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He sources, oversees new kit design and production, and takes of care of odds and ends. When he’s not working on electronics, he likes to go hiking with his wife, two boys, and two dogs.

Product Developer & Co-Founder
Analisa Russo, PhD

Analisa specializes in creating product prototypes and writing innovative educational content for Circuit Scribe. With a background in materials science (MIT BS ’08, UIUC PhD ’14), she is interested in making conductive ink accessible to everyone. Outside of work, she still enjoys playing with cool materials at the pottery studio.

Director of Fulfillment
Zack Tidwell

With a background in shipping and production, Zack joined the team when Electroninks became a full-fledged business. He currently oversees every order from the pen being made until it is out the door. When not making pens or fulfilling orders, you can typically find Zack at a concert or music festival.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Stephanie Page

Stephanie brings retail buying and product development to the team and always has her mind on what our customers will want. She works closely with retail buyers, our engineers and product development to ensure a quality product goes into the marketplace. You can spot Stephanie’s bright hair color in Austin’s swimming & hiking spots, or in the studio designing and sewing garments.

Director of Product Planning
Valerie Nogueira

Valerie studied Electrical Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. She helps ensure products make it from our engineers heads to the hands of people who can enjoy them. When Valerie's not busy prototyping cool things in the lab she likes to experiment in the kitchen with new food!

Hardware Design Intern
Gunnar Erickson

When Gunnar isn't working towards his degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Wentworth you'll find him at the Electroninks Office. He is a jack of all trades who prototypes new circuit boards, writes lessons, designs graphics and is always brewing some coffee. Gunnar aspires to wrap engineering in a playful experience to inspire learning.